mysterious map

Well hello!

This is normally about the time we’d be gathering together to enjoy the almighty avocado.

But these are not normal times, and gathering with friends and neighbors to share countless varieties of guacamole together seems to be just about the most dangerous thing we could be doing right now. And this year, that’s really saying something.

We did create something for you though. We couldn’t help it.

So we made you a treasure map to help you find it.

Join us for a socially distant adventure. It’s a scavenger hunt of the most tasty variety. And much like past Guac-Off’s, we hope you’ll find it to be filled with hillside gardens, hidden delights, and a renewed sense of why we call this place home.

It’s as unexpected as an ice cream guacamole, and we hope you’ll find it to be equally delicious.

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